Zenko Bathhouse

Temporarily Closed


Hungry or thirsty? Swing by the bar to sample our array of Far Eastern drinks and delicacies.

Rental Rooms

We offer separate rooms upstairs for guests who wish to rest their weary heads. Or perhaps indulge in a more...Private experience.


While we are rather lax, there are a few important rules you should know.

Rental Rooms

The Zenko Bathhouse offers private rooms upstairs to be rented out to guests. If you wish to make a reservation, you can contact the owner and/or co-owner via Discord. You can also walk in and pay for a room if there's one available by speaking with our staff.We have 4 rooms that can be rented out. All our rules for the venue apply for the rooms as well.Room Pricing: 100k per hour. Or 50k per 30 minutes.Once you pay for a room, you are free to make use of it as you please. The price is a flat rate, and not per person. Number of people doesn't affect it.

NO REFUNDS! If you pay for a room and don't use all the allotted time that you paid for, we will NOT refund for the time left unused. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • 18+ ONLY!! This venue is NOT for anyone under the age of 18!!

  • NO harassment of any kind will be tolerated! Anyone is welcome regardless of race, sexual orientation, etc.

  • Please keep any and all ERP in /tells or /party chat. Leave it out of the general chat.

  • All minions and weapons should be put away. This is a relaxing place not fit for animals running about or people fighting.

  • Please make use of the available changing rooms to wash off and slip into swimsuit attire before entering the baths.

  • All patrons should be clothed at all times except while in the baths/private rooms.

  • Please refrain from going upstairs unless you have a room reservation or pay for one.


Meet our lovely staff that help keep the place running smoothly!


Shinoa Yoru

A friendly kitsune who is a bit playful by nature. Skilled in music and a lover of sake. Notorious for shapeshifting, you may catch her looking a bit...different. She's usually seen with a smile, though!


Kuragari Yoru

The silent type with an air of mystery surrounding him. He can usually be seen on the stage. Also the owner's husband.


Synfael Dragmyr

A flirtatious and fun-loving Viera who isn't afraid to pick a fight with someone if needed.


Ahnri Aliza

A super shy person. Despite their shy nature they always help those in need.


Baiju Ura

The friendly Xaela who will serve you your drinks or food for the night. Baiju was raised in the Tail Mountains, so he does tend to have a more serious aura around him. However, he is quick to warm up to clients, and will gladly listen along with give his own thoughts.


Eros Ardinous

A well mannered pink viera that has lived in Eorzea for most of his early years. Far from his race's culture, he is one with Eorzea's diverse population. Eros loves to help others' in need, working in healing refugees coming to the main cities, he is always welcoming and thoughtful on who he gets to spend time with. He does come with a up tight sassy tongue but nonetheless, a pleasant young fellow to interact with!




10,000 gil

Bite-sized balls of fried pastry each containing a chunk of tender octopus in their gooey, molten centers. (Tako-yaki)


10,000 gil

Lobster split in half lengthwise, slathered with a heavily seasoned sauce, and grilled in its shell over an open flame. (Onigara-yaki)

Futo-maki Roll

10,000 gil

Crisp, dried seaweed and sweet vinegared rice rolled around a variety of sweet and savory fillings. (Futo-maki Roll)

Tempura Platter

10,000 gil

A selection of seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried in oil. A Hingan delicacy. (Tempura Platter)



5,000 gil

A fish-shaped cake stuffed with sweet, apple filling. A personal favorite of the owner. (Pastry Fish)


5,000 gil

A sweet rice cake that is small and soft. Available flavors are strawberry, melon, mango, pineapple, taro, peanut, red bean, and blueberry. (Zefir)

Persimmon Pudding

5,000 gil

Rich and creamy, this dessert is made from puréed persimmons and eggs. Whipped cream and a persimmon slice are added on top. (Persimmon Pudding)


5,000 gil

Round shaped dumplings made from rice flour and served on a skewer. Comes in sets of 3. The flavors are strawberry, melon, and red bean. (Zefir)